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Yabba Dabba Delivery!


Ethnic Mashup!

Dabba is a mashup of far away flavors made with the freshest local ingredients. We use seasonal ingredients to make wholesome, flavorful dishes like nothing you've ever tasted before. Our aim is to create unique combinations – we call them “mashups” – that are not only amazingly delicious, but nourishing to people, inside and out. 





Farma Karma

We serve fast food that's made real slow. Our Michelin-rated Chef Walter Abrams created a menu that is naturally good-for-you and mind-blowingly tasty. How? By sourcing the freshest local and organic ingredients we can find and marrying them with bold spice combinations borrowed from decades-old family recipes. We are constantly experimenting with cooking methods to maximize flavor and nutrition, and our paratha flatbread is made with nothing but whole wheat flour, water and olive oil.  


Say Namaste to Dabba Catering

You can eat Dabba now! We bring our gourmet street eats wrapped in a California state of mind right to your doorstep, driveway, sidewalk, or nearest vacant parking lot. Get in touch if you'd like us all to yourself. 

A little Dabba do ya!